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November 24, 2022

What You Need To Know About Immigration Lawyer: An Overview

By Camdyn

To be a lawyer is not an easy task, especially if you have to be at the forefront of sympathising with your clients. The job of being a lawyer is more than just standing up for you, the client in the courtroom, presenting a case or giving legal advice in businesses. It is a bit more than that. Do you have any plans on traveling soon? Or are you perhaps an immigrant and would like a legal advisor? Do you know who to turn to? If you do not, then you should try out immigration attorneys in Vancouver, BC.

Like every other job out there that is deemed professional, doctor, pharmacist,  nurse and so on, there is something called discipline. An area in which they can choose to practice or switch from and to since they have been prepared for it in their school days.  this also applies to lawyers. A lawyer can decide to switch from being a divorce lawyer to being a litigation lawyer or immigration lawyer. However,  they all require that you have experience in the areas because prospective clients and employers would look for that before anything.

Let’s discuss who immigration lawyers are.

Who are immigration lawyers?

Immigration lawyers are certified representatives that you hire to help with your immigration case. They are also referred to as solicitors, advisors and/or caseworkers. What they do when hired is give you legal advice and help convey how you feel or why you need a green card to the judge in court.

What are their roles?

Their role is to represent you as a legal counsel in administrative court and/or offer you, legal counsel on your rights and obligations related to the immigration you seek. They may also assist you in deciding or even suggesting the next course of action to take based on the knowledge they have on immigration law and law in general.

The role of a lawyer in a visa application is merely to instruct you on various elements of the law that are crucial to your application. However, the ethical rule does not allow a lawyer to charge recklessly; a lawyer’s fee must be proportional to the work done.