How to Create Custom Yard Signs
June 20, 2022

How to Create Custom Yard Signs

By Camdyn

In the world of construction and general landscaping, signs are often the most overlooked piece of the project. However, they can make a big difference in the appearance of your home and the quality of life you can provide your family. The right signs can convey a sense of confidence and ownership while also making it easier to know where your property’s boundaries are. This article will discuss helpful ways to create custom yard signs in Prescott, AZ that will give your home a unique look and feel. Read on to learn more about how these methods work and why you might want to explore them further.


1. Use a colored background.


This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to make your signs look professional. By using a professionally designed sign kit or board, you can create a sign that looks great and doesn’t cost much money. Using these materials, you can create your designs and write whatever messages you want on them. If you already have designs for other signs, it would be helpful to use the same color for the background of all of them so that they blend in with each other better. It can also be more aesthetically pleasing for customers to see more than one color on your sign at once so if this is something you wish to do, consider allocating different colors for each side of your board or design. For instance, put one side with white lettering on a blue background and another with black lettering on the same blue background, or perhaps put one with orange lettering on a brown experience. At the same time, another has green letters printed on the same brown backing material or maybe include red letters against a black backing and white letters against red.


2. Create signs using vinyl sleeves instead of mounting boards directly into your fence posts or posts themselves:


Another way to cut costs when creating yard signs is by using vinyl sleeve covers instead of using traditional mounting boards directly into fences (see the below picture). This trick will allow you to save money while still having an attractive finished product without spending an additional fortune in installation costs (or the kind of installation costs you’ll face with a DIY project). Using vinyl sleeves is a great way to create yard signs without needing to budget for signs printed on an industrial press. To give credit where credit is due, it’s worth noting that this trick was first uncovered by John King of Sticker Mule, who shared his thoughts on the matter in an article he wrote for the design company Portfolio.


3. Make DIY yard signs:


Finally, you may want to consider taking on some of the work yourself so you can save money on manufacturing costs and have more control over what goes into your project. You can go down this route by printing your own graphic images or printing your sign materials yourself (either through photos or by using vinyl sleeves) instead of going through a third-party printing company like Sticker Mule. As you no doubt know, paper prints are gorgeous and very inexpensive when it comes to signage projects because they represent a huge saving over using vinyl sleeve covers and traditional mounting boards, as I’ve already explained above. Of course, if you go down this path, there are also factors like decisions about color choices and adding graphics files to digital files that will make all the difference in how professional-looking your finished product looks versus what it would have looked like had you gone through a professional sign company (such as Sticker Mule). For instance, many times, designers have the ability to customize colors and text fonts for their customers, so if you get involved